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Massive Spontaneous Gatherings in Syrian Cities in Rejection of Foreign Intervention and Emphasis on National Unity for Confronting Conspiracy

Syrian citizens continued their national activities to express their rejection of the foreign intervention in Syria’s internal affairs and support to the national unity, independent national decision, and to the comprehensive reform program led by President Bashar al-Assad.

Massive crowds of citizens spontaneously gathered on Friday in a number of squares and streets in the governorates of Damascus and its countryside, Aleppo, Homs, Lattakia, Tartous, Sweida and Hassakeh, stressing their determination to confront the plot which Syria is exposed to.

The participants shouted slogans that reflect the civilized image of the Syrian people and confirm that they , through their awareness, sincerity, and rallying around their leadership, are able to face all the pressure and biased campaigns targeting Syria’s security and stability to turn it away from its pan-Arab approach in defending the Arab Nation’s rights and interests.

The participants also thanked the Syrian Arab Army which proved to be the defender of the homeland and its immune fort in the face of conspiracies, stressing that the pure blood of the army martyrs has protected Syria and consolidated the national unity.

The participants raised Syrian flags and banners, demanding the Arab League observer mission to be credible and professional in conveying the facts of what the terrorist groups’s crimes of killing innocents, terrorizing people and vandalizing public and private properties.

They called on them to unveil the lies and fabrications of the misleading media channels and exposing their role in shedding the Syrian blood through their “tendentious and inflammatory campaigns.”

In Damascus Countryside, mass rallies participated in lighting the “Homeland Tree” which is decorated with the photos of the army and policemen martyrs in Sahnaya.

The event was held in commemoration of the martyrs and in rejection of the attempts at foreign interference in the Syrian internal affairs.

In Sweida Province, People of Ara Town and the neighboring villages rallied at the town square, stressing that all the Syrians are in one trench against pressure and plots targeting the homeland.

In Homs, thousands gathered at al-Hadara Street to express condemnation of the crimes committed by the armed terrorist groups against soldiers and the civilians alike.

The participants stressed to the Arab League observers, who are currently visiting the city, that the Syrians are able to solve their problems without foreign interference, urging the mission to be honest and transparent in its reports.

Two rallies also took place in Hassake city’s President Square and Qamishli city’s Sabaa Bahrat Square with the participation of social and civil activities which gathered to show support for the independent national decision and reform and voice rejection of the plots against Syria.

The two squares were decorated with Syrian flags and banners emphasizing adherence to national unity and reform, with participating chanting slogans saluting the army and the soldiers sacrificing their lives to restore Syria’s security.

The participants affirmed that the Syrians will not be affected by the lies and fabrications of mercenary media, and that the conspiracy against Syria is taking its last breaths.

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