MB Politician Maksoud: Constitutional Court Maneuvers to Use Media Pressure for Political Gains

In a statement, Abdel-Moneim Abdel-Maksoud, Muslim Brotherhood lawyer and member of the Legal Committee of the Freedom and Justice Party, assured that the Supreme Constitutional Court (SCC)’s suspension of work can only be described as a deliberate attempt by the court to get involved in political matters – inappropriately.

He stressed that protests outside the SCC building did not prevent its members from getting to their offices or doing their job. In fact, several SCC judges (as well as many others) entered SCC headquarters without dangers, threats or obstruction, in the presence of security forces that outnumbered protesters two to one. The lawyer affirmed that indeed a large number of politicians and media professionals also got into the building without any harassment of any kind by protesters.

“The statement issued by the SCC to the media confirms the Court’s intention to use media pressure as a tool for political purposes, especially as it issued to the media another statement earlier on – in the past few days – which raises many question-marks, because we are not used to judicial bodies operating through media reports and statements rather than judicial judgments and rulings in front of appropriate judiciary.

“With this statement, the court clearly insists on engaging in the political arena. It was quite capable of pronouncing a judgment Sunday, whatever that may be, without resorting to mass media pressure to achieve political goals.”

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