Mehmanparast: West Who Supports Terrorism in Syria Wants to Decide Its Destiny on behalf of Syrians

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast reiterated on Tuesday his country’s stance which calls for a peaceful solution to the crisis in Syria through dialogue among the Syrians themselves, pointing out that the West and the US want to decide the destiny and future of Syria on behalf of the Syrian people.

At a press conference, Mehmanparast called on the western countries which assume democracy and protecting human rights to leave the Syrian people decide their future far from any interferences.

He warned of the continuation of supporting terrorists in Syria by the western countries and some regional and Arab countries through sending weapons and money.

Mehmanparast called on all sides which have influence on the armed groups to put pressure on them to realize security and peace in Syria and pave the ground for national dialogue to find a peaceful solution to the crisis.

On deploying patriot missiles along the Turkish-Syrian borders, Mehmanparast said that all countries have to seek realizing security and peace in the region, calling on the Turkish officials to cooperate with the neighboring countries to maintain security and peace in the region.

Iranian Defense Minister: Presence of Foreign Forces in the Region Is Not in Its Interest

Meanwhile, Iranian Defense Minister, Maj. Gen. Ahmed Wahidi, reiterated his country’s rejection of the deployment of Patriot missile system in Turkey, considering that the presence of foreign forces in the region is not in the interest of its peoples.

Maj. Gen, Wahidi said in a statement that the West has proved that it does not care about the peoples’ interests and cares only about those of its own.

On the developments in Syria, the Iranian Defense Minister said the Zionist entity is the one to benefit most from the violence in Syria which stands at the first line of confrontation against it.

Wahidi added that the biggest loser as a result of this violence is the Syrian people who have fallen victim to the terrorists targeting them.

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