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MERS the silent massacre plan of Saudi Arabia like the pig flue of Turkey

virüsSaudi Regime trying to kill people not by weapons but by MERS
Saudi Arabia the global terrorism sponsor and one of biggest loyal mad dog ally of Great Satan US and its illegal child Slaughterer Zionist Israeli Regime. This puppet government trying to kill its own people by The Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) also termed EMC/2012

Kabah the he blessed land, the land where the hearts of Ummah beating is under the sinister threat of Zionist loyal servant Saudi Regime. The regime try to suppress
the voice of protests by a silent massacre named MERS produced in special laboratories by the same regime.

According to the news the coronavirus is mostly seen in Camel fields. This fact(relation with camels) reminded many types of viruses called Bird Flu, influenza viruses in pigs also called pig influenza, swine flu, hog flu and pig flu chaos in Turkey. The main target of those viruses were the basic mainstay of Turkish People. Hundred of thousands small cattles especially hens were killed under the name of cautions. Many vaccines(?) were brought from US to protect(?) people from those fatal viruses but it was uncovered later that the real viruses were injected in those vaccines to kill people. When Turkish People realized the fact and understood the reality of the sinister case then they refused the vaccines and the game of zionists was spoilt. Some of the people who were inoculated became paralysis and others faced some other very serious health problems. At that time nearly 50 million vaccines were brought from US by very high money and all those vaccines were for killing, creating serious health problems.

Justlike the cases happened in Turkey, now the same plots are being implemented in Saudi Arabia via targeting their camels that are the mainstay of most of people who live under very bad conditions.

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