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Meshal:One Shalit is not enough

Chief of the Political Bureau of the Hamas movement Khalid Meshal said on Monday 28th of June that:”Shalit will not be alone, and our Mujahedeen “freedom fighters” are going to kidnap more Zionist soldiers and commanders till the liberation of Palestinian prisoners.

During his speech for Palestinian student conference in Damascus, Meshal asserted that Zionist society identified the defect so they demononstrated against his unfortunate leadership who deactivated the exchange deal.

Meshal added that:” one Shalit is not enough, we are going to kidnap more Zionist soldiers and officers, our Mujahedden (freedom fighters will succeed in rekidnapping soldiers till the liberation of our prisoners).

He continued saying:” Shalit will never be freed unless Netanyaho surrenders compelled for our legal demands.

Israeli occupation forces kidnap 11 thousand Palestinian prisoners including women and children in its jails, depriving them from their regular visits by their families. As well as, Israeli jails administration wage collective torturing attacks against Palestinian prisoners for unreasonable causes.

Many Palestinian prisoners were died inside Israeli jails due to lack of food and medications .

Israeli occupation forces are accused by human rights organizations and international community of using excessive force against Palestinian prisoners during investigation, whether with men or women.

Israeli occupation refuses to release 11 thousand Palestinian prisoners jailed illegally , while Palestinian demands for releasing Shalit are the release of 1500 prisoners including 450 prisoners who had long term sentences, women and children ,ending the siege and finally opening all Gaza crossings forever.

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