Mikdad: Syrian People Encounter Biggest, Insolent Conspiracy by Colonial Countries

Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Fayssal Mikdad underlined that the Syrian people encounter the biggest and most arrogant conspiracy by some countries that are still behaving from a colonial perspective to create suitable atmospheres for Israel to dominate the region.

“That conspiracy is multi-sided with a complicated structure, based on a main role which is keeping Israel safe to remain in the region as an occupying entity of Palestine and the Arab lands, ” Mikdad said in an interview with the Syrian TV broadcast Thursday evening.

He made clear that the US and western countries don’t want to achieve the just and comprehensive peace in the region, but they care about Israel to control the whole region.

“Syria is not isolated in the world, it has many friendly countries… but what gives this impression is the volume of misleading propaganda which target the national and democratic system in Syria,” Mikdad added.

He underlined that the Syrian people’s steadfastness has foiled the conspiracy during the last ten months as they will defeat this conspiracy in the future and any other one that target the Syrian role.

He considered that the efforts of some countries to establish the so-called “Syria Friendship Group” as an endeavor to found the organization of Syria’s enemies and a preparation for aggression, adding that those who work on this notion are colonial states.

Mikdad called on the Syrian people not to by frightened of such blocs because Syria was accustomed to confront conspiracies due to the sacrifices of Syrian citizens and the steadfastness of its national army, which can never be defeated, calling on those who carry arms with foreign financing to benefit by the opportunity given to them as to return to the right path.

”In addition to the western attack against Syria, Syria is also exposed to an Arab conspiracy, and another domestic conspiracy which receives assistance from abroad. This is what has led Syria to the current situation, where armed groups kill the innocent civilians, destroy infrastructure, railways, gas and petrol pipelines, reaching to the bombardment of Homs Refinery,” Mikdad added asserting that these domestic tools are ignorant, criminal gangs, ex-prisoners, and drug traffickers.

The Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister pointed out that Syria’s reform process ,since the year 2000, has encountered several hurdles including the Arab-Israel conflict and its consequences, the American invasion of Iraq in 2003 and continued threats to invade Syria, reiterating that Syria’s reform plans are to be ,however, on, citing the new Local Administration, Parties, and Information Laws and the soon to be put to referendum Constitution, where ballot boxes are to decide who to lead Syria.

”There is no regional or international organization which kills its members and sons except the League of Arab States,” added Mikdad blasting the conspiratorial role by this League against the Syrian citizens and leadership.

Mikdad hailed the Russian and Chinese veto at the UN Security Council against an Arab-Western draft resolution describing it as a ‘defense of the UN Charter’ blocking the bids of return to colonization and a defense of the UN Charter principle of non-interference in the domestic affairs of member states.

The Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister underscored the importance of dialogue among all Syrians as to sort the crisis out, citing President Bashar al-Assad’s ongoing reforms keenness on this dialogue, as well as Syria’s acceptance of dialogue in the Russian Capital, Moscow, considering the important role which Russia plays, not to mention the Russian sincere desire for such a dialogue to take place.

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