Mishaal: Gaza victory an important step along the road to liberation

images_News_2014_08_28_mishaal_300_0Chairman of Hamas political bureau Khaled Mishaal told a press conference on Thursday evening in Doha that the popular support in Gaza was the main reason behind resistance’s victory, affirming that Palestinian resistance has morally triumphed over Israeli crimes.

Israel was defeated in this battle that broke the image of its invincible army, he underlined.

“Israeli leaders have talked about an illusionary victory in Gaza. However, this battle will not be the last; it is rather an important step along the road to liberation.”

Mishaal stated that Palestinian armed wings, especially the Qassam Brigades, are now considered by Palestinian people at home and in the Diaspora and the Arab nation as the nucleus of the liberation army. “The Israeli offensive on Gaza has shortened distances and brought us closer to the liberation of Jerusalem and al-Aqsa Mosque.”

“We know that Israel is strong and is aided at international platforms. However, we will not restrict our dreams or make compromises to our demands.”

The Gaza battle has strengthened and activated the resistance option, while it has also exposed the Israeli racist and ugly image before the world, he added.

He pointed out that security and occupation could not meet, saying that Palestinian resistance has achieved an important part of its demands. “Palestinian factions were united both in the Cairo talks and in the battlefield.”

Other Palestinian demands are to be discussed in a new round of talks including the establishment of an airport and a seaport as well as the release of prisoners.

The senior Hamas leader promised to accelerate the reconstruction of Gaza and the treatment of the injured. “This is our role, and it is the role of the Arab world and the Palestinian unity government.”

He hailed the Palestinian resistance factions and leaders in Gaza Strip who have strenuously prepared for the battle over the past years and who made this victory.

The Israeli onslaught has strengthened the Palestinian national unity despite the fact that its main goal was to undermine this unity, Mishaal said.

This war was forced on us after they realized that the seve-year blockade had failed, he continued.

The Hamas chief said that Israel was desperately looking for a victory to announce over the 51 days of aggression.

He stressed the need to accelerate the reconstruction of the Strip, calling on Egypt to open the Rafah border “as a brotherly gesture.”

He also demanded speeding up the completion of the national unity process so that the consensus government would assume all its responsibilities in Gaza as well as the West Bank.

“The resistance is sacred, and its weapons are sacred. There is no politics without arms.”

Mishaal called on Arab and Islamic nations to participate in supporting Palestinian resistance.

The core of the conflict is the occupation and its settlement construction and expansion. The main demand of the Palestinian people is not only lifting the siege on Gaza, but also the establishment of an independent state and the end of the Israeli occupation.

Mishaal thanked leaders of Turkey, Qatar, Tunisia, and the nations of Latin America and the free peoples of the world for their continued support for the Palestinian people and resistance.

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