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Mixed reactions as Venezuela extends coronavirus lockdown

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Tuesday extended the nationwide lockdown for another month with the aim of curbing the spread of the new coronavirus.

Maduro said the measure was necessary to protect the nation from the virus, which has already infected millions of people and taken some 300,000 lives around the world.

Although the opposition expressed concerns about the economic impact of the move as it paralyzes most of the country’s economic activities, socialist officials say the measures are necessary, because if lifted, the health of millions of citizens will be on the line. However, the opposition says that the government’s measures have gone too far.

Meanwhile, experts say the lockdown can be progressively adapted to the people’s needs.

Many people are also concerned about the economic situation, wondering how much it will take for businesses to reopen.

Some believe the lockdown must be extended to contain the coronavirus outbreak, but others say the restrictions should be gradually lifted in order to help the economy and enable people to meet their basic needs by resuming their businesses.

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