MKO Funding from Mossad-Ordered Assassinations

According to an American political commentator, Richard Silverstein, the primary source of income for the terrorist Mojahedin Khalq Organization (MKO) comes from assassinations it conducts against Iranian nationals, at the command of the “Israeli” spy agency Mossad.

Silverstein wrote an article on his blog in which he stated, “If you’re a terrorist on behalf of “Israel”, as MKO is, then you’re kosher as far as (US-based “Israeli” publicist Alan) Dershowitz is concerned. And you money is golden”.
“How much money is the MKO dropping on [Alan] Dershowitz? I’d be shocked if he’d sell himself any cheaper than $ 50,000 a pop”, he added.
Dershowitz is a pro-“Israeli” Jewish American lawyer, who has previously last month expressed his support to the anti-Iranian MKO.

Also, Silverstein believes that the money the MKO pays to purchase the services of US politicians, which support it, mainly comes from the assassinations it conducts for Mossad.
“Where does the money come from? Possibly from the Iran assassinations the MKO performs on Mossad’s behalf, which undoubtedly pay well. Then there’s the possibility that the USD 400-million Bush allocated for destabilizing Iran in 2007 has found its way either to the MKO or Mossad (or both),” he indicated.

“The only human right he (Dershowitz) cares about is “Israel’s” “right” to do whatever the hell it wants to the Palestinians. As far as the rights of others go, he could give a crap. Unless of course, it serves “Israel’s” interests”, the US blogger went on to say.

“If anyone who’s taking MKO cash thinks these people advocate democracy for Iran, let them take a look at the people they assassinated before they were run out of the country after the 1979 Revolution, or the Americans they murdered afterward. These are radical extremists willing to use any and all means to gain their objectives. When it was convenient for them to kill Americans, they did so. Now that it’s more convenient and remunerative to kill Iranian scientists, they do so,” Silverstein iterated.

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