MKO, the most rootless political flow in history

f1fdc4e734ae4530057d5bc2ce9d0bb3_LIran’s defence minister said, “The MKO members are the biggest political flow lacking any identity throughout history.”

According to IRIB, Brigadier General Dehqan said on Saturday, “The MKO [terrorists] could never accept that the late Imam [Khomeini] made the revolution victorious with the help of people.”
The Iranian defence minister added, “Thinking that they had initiated the revolution, the MKO hypocrites considered themselves entitled to rule over the people. This erroneous and pervert view made them to always move in the path of tyranny.”
He added, “The hypocrites didn’t help the Islamic rule and the people in any way and since the very beginning they served the enemies of the revolution and the nation culminating in their obvious service to the ousted dictator Saddam.”
The minister of defence of the Islamic republic of Iran also said, “if Saddam gave them refuge, it was done with the aim of using their capacity against the Islamic revolution.”
On the support of some western countries for the MKO terrorists, the Iranian elaborated, “There is a relation between them and that is the grudge and hostility they bear against the Islamic revolution.”
Meanwhile, Kazem Jalali a member of the Majlis national security and foreign policy committee pointed to the recent cleansing of the Ashraf Camp in the Iraqi province of Diyala form the vestiges of the MKO terrorists, adding, “Although this was expected to be done much earlier, at last the base of this grouplet, whose terrorist actions mainly targeted the regional people especially the Iranian and Iraqi nations, was dismantled from Iraq.”

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