Moallem: US Leading Conspiracy, Qatar, Saudi, Turkey Just Tools

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem slammed the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the Arab League, saying they were responsible for the bloodshed in Syria, noting that the United States has been on the head of the conspiracy against Syria.

Al-Moallem also lashed out at Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey, saying they were just tools in the conspiracy the US has been leading against Syria.

The Syrian FM said that the Arab League and OIC have not only suspended Syria’s membership, but also conspired against it, adding that they are responsible for the bloodshed in Syria.

Al-Moallem indicated that they sent private planes to bring the leaders who were hesitant to attend Mecca meeting, describing them as hypocrites.
“They are hypocrites because they pay the money for the terrorist gangs in order to kill the Syrians, destruct their infrastructure, force them to leave homes and take them as human shields.”

He noted that all states are obliged to implement resolutions issued by the UN Security Council to combat terrorism, adding that following the 9/11 events in New York, the US headed this act and mobilized the world public opinion towards combating terrorism.

“But regarding Syria, the US supports terrorists in a clear contradiction with the UN resolutions and the US commitment itself which disregarded this for a simple reason; as it leads the conspiracy against Syria, while Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are tools,” al-Moallem said, according to state news agency, SANA.

Al-Moallem went on to say that the UN had appointed Annan and he resigned because he had no ability to get commitments from those states, the armed sides and the opposition inside and outside.

He underlined that Syria welcomed the possibility of appointing al-Akhdar al-Ibramimi as a new envoy, stressing that Damascus was still committed to o Annan’s six-point plan, “but this is not enough and needs another party to conduct a national dialogue.”

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