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More Reinforcements Dispatched to Damascus to Join Syrian Army Operation at Border with Iraq


Hundreds of popular forces have been sent to Southeastern Damascus to intensify other army units’ operation in Badiyeh (desert) near the border crossing with Iraq, a military source disclosed Tuesday.

The source confirmed that hundreds of the National Defense Forces, Kata’eb Hezbollah and Kata’eb Imam Ali have been forwarded to the battlefields near the border with Iraq to join the army operation against terrorists.

The source underscored that the popular forces are about to join the army to face the US-backed terrorists of the  Syrian Free Army and foil a plan led by the US and Britain to storm Deir Ezzur via the country’s border with Jordan.

Also, sources affiliated to the terrorist groups reported on Monday that the Syrian Army forwarded a large number of forces and a large volume of military hardware to a desert region at the country’s border with Iraq and Jordan.

The sources said that hundreds of the army soldiers and their allied popular forces equipped with a large number of tanks and heavy military hardware were dispatched to the town of al-Saba’a Bayar in a desert region near the borders with Iraq and Jordan.

According to field sources, the militant groups backed by Washington were ready to capture the regions as soon as ISIL starts retreat.

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