More than 200 terrorists from al-Qusair villages surrender to the Syrian Army

517d78ded989fThe so-called “Free Army” militia targeted the surrounding of al-Abbasiyeen Garages with several mortars and the fire brigade building in Damascus, what resulted in the injury of two civilians and property damage in the vicinity of the place of the fall.

The correspondent Breaking News Network reported that the Artillery Corps of the Syrian Army targeted several headquarters of the “Free Army” militia in each of al-Hujeira, al-Theyabia, al-Mouadamia, Duma, Barzeh, Zamalka and parts of Jobar neighborhood, what led to the killing and wounding dozens of gunmen, in addition to the destruction of a number of SUV’s equipped with heavy machine guns, including the gunmen within.

In Darya our correspondent confirmed that the clashes were concentrated today in the Shayyah area, Ard Njasah and along the South shrine of Sayyda Sokeina, while the army targeted several headquarters of the insurgency that led to the killing and wounding tens of them and destroyed more than 10 cars and 4 motorcycles were in possession of the militants, known among the dead a group calling himself the “Osoud al-Furqan” named Abu Musab.

Our correspondent said that a fire broke out today in a small corner inside an Arabic house near the mosque of Zen al-Abidin in al-Maidan area of Damascus was caused by a cigarette butt lying in a pile of papers, where the Fire Brigade of Damascus intervened to extinguish the fire without causing any injuries, where damage limited to the material only.

The Syrian Arab Army destroys 3 headquarters of “Free Army” in Raqqa

In Raqqa our reporter said that units of Syrian Arab Army carried out qualitative operations in the industrial area of the province destroyed through it a den of “Free Army” including the weapons and ammunition in addition to the destruction of other headquarters for “Sharia Board” what led to the killing of 10 militants were inside the headquarters and the injury 10 others.

Our correspondent transferred that the Syrian Arab Army units targeted a position of “the banner of the Islamic revolutionaries of Raqqa,” which leaded by “Abu Issa” in Kasra agricultural area on the outskirts of the city of Raqqa, which led to the killing and wounding dozens of gunmen.

More than 200 militants turn their self in to the army and the death of a media activist of “Free Army” in al-Qusair villages

Breaking News Network correspondent reported that more than 200 armed men from the villages of al-Qusair in Homs countryside surrendered to the Syrian Arab Army units who continue its operations in the region, killing and wounding tens of the insurgents.

Our envoy reported the death of the media activist of the “Free Army” miltia, named Muhammad Abdul Latif after clashes in the vicinity of al-Qusiar city in addition to killing the gunmen Khalid Shehab, Fares Shehab, Mohamed Barre, Khaled Bakkar, Yehya Shamsuddin and Ahmed Mikhyber.

Our correspondent confirmed to us the escape of media activist that appears on some of the Arab media as Jazeera and al-Arabia named Hadi Abdullah to an unknown destination after entering units of Syrian Arab Army and implemented a series of successful operations in the region, as pointed us to the armed groups trying to negotiate with units of Syrian Arab Army to deliver themselves with weapons, without the receipt of more information on the subject.

And our correspondent transferred that severe clashes took place between the units of Syrian Arab Army and insurgents in al-qarabees,al-Qusour and the road of Palmyra – al-Faraqlus, what led to the killing and wounding a number of militants.

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