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More world leaders to pursue Chavez path: Ahmadinejad

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Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has warned the global imperialism that more world leaders will continue the path of late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

“Although the leaders of imperialism may be happy with the absence of Chavez and imagine that a void has emerged, their happiness will soon end as there are great men who will continue Chavez’s path,” said Ahmadinejad at a Friday meeting with Bolivian President Evo Morales on the sidelines of Chavez’a funreal ceremony in the Venezuelan capital, Caracas.

Ahmadinejad pointed to the transformation of Latin America and the awakening of the regional nations, saying, “Contrary to the past, today, the dominance of imperialism in the Latin American region has declined and there are more revolutionary leaders in the region day by day.”

Chavez died on March 5 at the age of 58 after a two-year battle with cancer.

He founded the movement of Bolivarian Revolution to establish popular democracy and economic independence and to equitably distribute wealth in Latin America. Chavez was one of the key players in the progressive movement that has swept across Latin America over the past few years.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Ahmadinejad called for the further enhancement of the Iran-Bolivia ties in the path of progress and the establishment of global justice, adding, “Iran is proud of the revolutionary leaders and resilient people of Latin America.”

Morales, for his part, lauded the Iranian nation for its inexhaustible resistance against imperialism and reaffirmed the Bolivian nation’s resolve to stand by Iran in the fight against global imperialism.

He called for the further bolstering of Tehran-Sucre ties.

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