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Mossad Targets Sons of Hezbollah Martyr Commanders: Lebanese Security Agencies Arrest Collaborator with Zionist ‘israeli’ Enemy

The Israeli intelligence of Lebanon continues, targeting mainly those who had been Resistance fighters. Hussein, the son of one of Hezbollah military commanders who were martyred in Syria, had been a resistance fighter for 9 years (2011-2020) before he was entrapped to collaborate with the Israeli enemy.

Hussein, who descends from Ghasaniyeh town in South Lebanon, belongs to a family that supports Hezbollah Resistance. Two of his uncles were martyred during their fight along with the Resistance, and his brother-in-law as well as most of his relatives are affiliated with Hezbollah. Despite all these facts, the Israeli enemy’s intelligence agencies managed to entrap Hussein.

The investigations script did not reveal how the traitor was exposed and arrested; however, the investigators indicated that he traveled several times to countries adopted by the Israeli enemy as recruitment center and his living conditions suspiciously improved.

Hussein tried to mislead the investigators by fabricating a story of falling in love with a lady called “Habiba” in Turkey. The traitor claimed that he continued contacting the lady via social media apps. However, Hussein failed to convince the investigators because, during his visits to Lebanon, he brought big amounts of money, which could not be obtained during short work periods. Thus, he acknowledged that Habiba was one of the Mossad agents.

Hussein, then, narrated the story of traveling to Abidjan after quitting Hezbollah in 2020. He worked for a period at a plastics firm before he started searching for a new job via Facebook. So, he started a contact with the Mossad officer “Hajj Salim” who claimed to be the fried of Hussein’s father and that he honestly wants to help Hussein. Thus, Hussein met in Tanzania with “Hajj Salim” who gave him an amount of money and offered him meeting the daughter of his friend in Turkey and working with her at a cacao factory in Macedonia. Later on, his love relation with the lady developed, and “Hajj Salim” kept providing him with amounts of money.

“Hajj Salim” then received Hussein at his villa in Tanzania and told him that fell in the Mossad trap, showing him graphic videos that display his love affairs with “Habiba” and ordering him to move into Belgium in order to meet a new Mossad operator. During this meeting with “Hajj Salim”, Hussein was interrogated about all his military journey with Hezbollah and the Resistance Party’s social institutions.

After a visit to Turkey with “Habiba” in May, 2022, the traitor moved to Belgium where he met with the new Mossad operator “Amir’ who wanted to rent a house for Hussein. Then, he came to Lebanon where he was arrested by the security agencies, knowing that Hezbollah had contributed to the investigations with traitor in early 2022.

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