Mother of Martyr Jarrar: I’m so proud of my son


“I am so proud of my son. He is the son of all the Palestinians,” said the mother of Ahmed Jarrar, martyred by the Israeli occupation army earlier in the day.

Plucking up her strength to conceal her deep sorrow over her son’s death, Jarrar’s mother expressed her extreme pride of her son who was killed by the Israeli military during a Tuesday manhunt in Jenin.

“All praises to Allah,” said Jarrar’s mother. “When they brought his clothes to me, I immediately recognized them. I thanked Allah. My son sacrificed his life for his motherland and people.”

“My son was carrying a Quran book offered to him by his father, Nasser Jarrar, who was killed by the Israeli forces in 2002 in Tubas,” she said. “All praises be to Allah. My son is a source of pride to me and to the entire Palestinian people.”


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