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Mottaki: Iran, Brazil Able to Play Major Roles in New World Order


Iranian Foreign Minister said Iran and Brazil can play major roles in new world order including cooperating in global nuclear disarmament and at international scenes.

The visiting Deputy Brazilian Foreign Minister Jaguaribe Gomes de Mattos held a meeting with Manouchehr Mottaki on Wednesday evening in which the two diplomats reviewed bilateral relations and international developments.

According to the Islamic republic news agency, during the meeting Mottaki said that the political stands adopted by Tehran and Brasilia are very often quite similar.

The Iranian top diplomat said that the broad horizons for economic cooperation between the two countries include energy, commerce, investment fields as well as signing joint contracts for work in third countries.

He added, “The United States is now faced with problems in Afghanistan, in Iraq, and in Palestine and it is necessary for Washington to begin a pathological study of its behavior in those regions.”

The Brazilian Deputy FM, too, referred to the perspective of the two countries’ relations in various fields, arguing, “In near future a high ranking Brazilian delegation would visit Iran to survey the appropriate fields for boosting bilateral cooperation.”

He backed up Iran’s proposal for solving each region’s crises and disputes resorting to regional solutions by those regions’ countries.

De Mattos also said that Brazil, like before, supports Iran’s right to have access to full cycle of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, adding, “Sanctions would never be able to black the righteous path of nations for materializing their major objectives.”

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