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Mottaki: Iran is still studying US policies

Iran’s Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki has said that Iran is still studying the US diplomacy concerning the Middle East and Iran.

He pointed out that Iran has not reached the decision-making phase on the declared US policies and is still contemplating an appropriate response.

“Of course, Iran does not see much compliance between the stated policies of the US President Obama and what his administration actually does in the Middle East and Iran,” Mottaki told IRNA in an exclusive interview.

He stated that former President George W. Bush created a lot of troubles for the American nation, including two deadly wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

“Bush’s policies put the US in a difficult situation, particularly in the field of economy,” said Mottaki.

He pointed out that the Obama administration has not adopted serious strategies for bringing itself out of the crises created by the former administration in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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