Resistance Bloc MP Hussein Moussawi: Sectarian Activists Drive Lebanon Backwards

Moussawi Member of Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc MP Hussein Moussawi stated, “The sectarian activists, who deliver high-pitched sectarian speeches and take highly dangerous and critical stances, push [Lebanon] backwards.”

He further warned that “this could destroy the nation’s present and future.”

During his weekly Quran seminar in Nabi Chit village, Moussawi accentuated, “The real failures are those who secede on TV screens every minute to make a living from satisfying a king, a leader, or a US scheme.”
He added, “It is true that those who secede have the ability to divide, but we have the absolute ability to tame sectarian conflict coming from America and “Israel”,” underscoring, “These activists play the hired role of slandering the resistance and its leaderships, as the investor [“Israel”] informs us that it is the first and foremost benefactor of our differences and divisions.”

Furthermore, Moussawi stressed that, “Maintaining the country’s sovereignty, security, and stability requires gathering and offering aid to save the country from its economic strangle and political division.”
In parallel, he highlighted: “We cannot imagine a sane human being in Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, or anywhere, who would contribute in kindling fire and spreading destruction, and observe this bloodshed that is demolishing the past, present, and future.”

“The Lebanese, Arab, and Islamic public opinion are required to prove that it is still alive through a responsible, aware, and bold uprising, putting an end to this slaughtering and ruin before our country, God forbids, becomes a hotbed for forfeiture.”

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