MP Halaiqa: The Palestinian people do not need another Oslo

images_News_2014_01_06_Samira-0_300_0Palestinian lawmaker Samira Halaiqa said that the Oslo accords had achieved nothing for the Palestinian people and did not fulfil their aspiration for an independent state, affirming that the Palestinian people do not need another Oslo agreement.

“The Palestinian Authority and its negotiators have to put an end to their pack of lies which they use to deceive their citizens, and Kerry has to declare clearly his plan to Judaize what has remained of the Palestinian decision-making,” Halaiqa stated in press remarks to Quds Press on Sunday.

“Did Oslo protect the security and safety of the Palestinian citizen who has become exposed to killing day and night inside the PA-controlled territories and in the presence of its security?” the lawmaker questioned.

“Did it provide protection for the Palestinian lands which fall, according to Oslo within the jurisdiction of the PA and under its control? Did it protect the constants, including the right of refugees to return and the issue of borders?” she added.

Halaiqa also criticized Kerry’s shuttle diplomacy and said that his visits would bring nothing for the Palestinians regarding Jerusalem, their holy sites, the right of return and the borders of their state.

“We believe that Kerry has come to barter the Palestinian people’s rights and constants for more settlements, prisoners and land annexation,” she emphasized.

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