MP: Iran prestigious in national, int’l scenes

81212957-5781273Entire plots hatched by system’s enemies throughout the 36 years after the victory of the Islamic Revolution have faced defeat and Iran is prestigious both in national and in international scenes, Ala’eddin Boroujerdi said here Monday.

“The Islamic Revolution was born at a time when the world was bipolar and any (political) move in the world had to be both initially approved by and later on supported by one of the two superpowers of the time,” said the chairman of the Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, speaking in a specialized meeting on national security.

He said that in accordance with the Islamic teachings professed by the late Imam Khomeini (P), the Islamic Revolution of Iran opposed the hegemony of both superpowers, adding, “Therefore, the two superpowers of the time both resorted to their full potentials aimed at aborting this revolution in its embryonic stages.”

The chairman of the Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission reiterated that the Islamic Republic is today a strong tree, too stable for the enemies to enable them to successfully hatch plots against it.

Boroujerdi noted that the volume of the plots hatched against the Islamic Republic of Iran was very high from the very beginning, as the number of such plots today, which are no less than then.

Referring to the nature of the plots hatched against Iran ever since the victory of the Islamic Revolution, he said that their major ones included the broad-scale, Iraqi-imposed war in the early months after the victory of the Islamic Revolution to their cultural campaign against us today, all of which have faced defeat.

Boroujerdi noted that the post-Islamic Revolution Iran has had numerous achievements and has today passed far beyond the territorial borders of the country, arguing, “The Islamic awakening is one of the fruits of the Islamic Revolution today.”

On the necessity of the European parliamentary delegations’ visits of Iran, keeping in mind the notorious conduct that the European countries have had towards Iran thus far, he said, “The presence of those people is very useful for changing the mentality crated by the Zionists in the minds and in providing a chance for them to see personally how futile the sanctions they have imposed against Iran have been.”

On the post presidential election unrests of the 2009, he said that from the beginning of the dispute when one of the protesting candidates was advised to pursue the matter through legal channels, he said that even if the entire 13 million people who had voted in his favor would say that there had been no cheating, he would all by myself say that there has been election fraud.

The chairman of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission said that that was a deviation and sedition, and our stand towards sedition is clear and inalterable.

Boroujerdi said, “Their move was a historical injustice against this nation and this country that made bitter the sweetness of a great victory in the tastes of this nation.”

He said that the elections are free and fair in our country and the occurrence of election fraud in impossible in it, keeping in mind the apparatus of the elections, adding that even the close people to the protesting candidates and their friends have confessed to this fact.

Boroujerdi said that the legal procedure for voicing protests to the election results does exist in Iran, arguing that therefore, the sedition heads should not have any supporters in the society, since they insist in maintaining their erroneous stands and are not going to beg to be pardoned.

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