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MP: Popular Uprising in Saudi Arabia Imminent

The Saudi people are waiting for a small sparkle to start a revolution against Riyadh rulers, a member of the parliament said.

Speaking to FNA, Member of the Iranian parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Esmail Kossari stated that the social conditions in the Arab country are not in the interest of the Al Saud dynasty.

“The people of the country are waiting for a sparkle and it seems that invasion of Bahrain and massacre of the Bahraini Muslims provides them with their needed opportunity,” Kossari stated.

The lawmaker said that Riyadh’s interfering policies in Bahrain will spread popular uprisings to Saudi Arabia.

The remarks by the Iranian legislator came after opposition forces in Bahrain disclosed that Manama and Riyadh rulers planned to annex Bahrain to Saudi Arabia under the guise of a new security agreement, describing the plot as an “illegal” and “dangerous” move.

On the surface the plan is aimed at developing unity between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia with regard to foreign relations, security, military and economy, but in depth the plan is a last-ditch effort by the two countries’ monarchs for preventing the success of Bahrain’s revolution.

The Arab Spring uprisings have been a challenge for the Persian Gulf rulers. Saudi Arabia took action to suppress the uprisings in Bahrain after being shocked to see Hosni Mubarak fall in Egypt.

Saudi Arabia has already witnessed popular uprisings in some regions, specially its oil-rich province in the East.

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