Murra warns of another Oslo agreement between PA and Israel

images_News_2013_12_16_Murra-0_300_0Hamas representative in Lebanon Ra’fat Murra warned of another Oslo agreement in the offing between the Palestinian authority (PA) and the Israeli occupation regime, stressing that the Palestinian people own the whole Palestinian land and they will not allow its division.

In a festival held by Hamas in Beirut on Sunday, Murra stated that Palestine is one united land and can never be indivisible, affirming that the resistance option is the only means to liberate the whole land from the occupation.

The Hamas official talked about the drastic changes taking place in the region, affirming the Israeli occupation and its American ally took advantage of the regional events and started to reshape the region to suit their interests.

“In the coming months, we should be more vigilant and prevent any settlement at the expense of the Palestinian rights,” the Hamas official underlined.

He warned that the US administration seems to be very enthusiastic to clinch a deal between de facto president Mahmoud Abbas and Israel, stressing that Palestine belongs to all Palestinians.

As for the Palestinian presence in Lebanon, the Hamas official said that the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon are keen on sitting on the fence and not doing anything that affects its stability.

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