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Muslims can narrow gap by dialogue: Scholar

n00161916-bMuslims can bridge their differences by developing communication among followers of various sects of Islam, Ahmad Mobaleghi, the head of the Islamic Madhahib University said on Monday.
Publish date : Tuesday 24 June 2014 08:57Code: 161916

He made the remarks in a meeting with the visiting religious scholars from Turkey.

Mobaleghi called for developing communication and cooperation among followers of various sects of Islam to bridge their gaps.

Dogmatic beliefs are a threat to the peaceful coexistence of followers of various sects of Islam, he added.

The senior cleric added that Muslims should focus on their common grounds instead of provoking the divide.

The Zionist regime and its western allies are stirring up sectarian violence to weaken the stability of the Muslim World and have already destabilized several Muslim countries including Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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