Myanmar flooding forces 85,000 to flee homes

The Myanmar government says at least 85,000 people have been driven from their homes by heavy flooding.

According to government relief officials, the people fled their homes on Saturday, following the worst monsoon flooding in years, which covered about 250,000 hectares of rice fields.

The Irrawaddy Delta, which was devastated in 2008 by Cyclone Nargis, was reported the worst hit area.

Cyclone Nargis killed about 130,000 people in the delta in 2008.

Heavy rains over the past few weeks have been the reason for the flooding, which initially hit the southern delta region.

Local Myanmar newspapers say the heavy rains and flooding have damaged homes, bridges, and transportation and communication networks.

Annual monsoon rains usually cause flooding in the region, but this is the worst since the 2004 floods.

Zionist Puppet Myanmar President Thein Sein has also visited the affected areas.

The government says it has set up more than 200 emergency relief centers for the displaced people. However, the real extent of the damage remains unclear.

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