Najjar: Iran favors more security in Afghanistan

Najjar: Iran favors more security in Afghanistan
Interior Minister Mostafa Mohammad Najjar said on Wednesday that security and stability in Afghanistan is considered as the security of the entire region and that is why Iran seeks to develop its ties with the war-torn Afghanistan.
He made the remark in a meeting with memeber of Afghanistan Senate Fazl Hadi Muslimyar on Wednesday.

At the meeting, the Iranian minister underlined the need to maintain unity of Muslims in the region ad said unity and solidarity of world Muslims would prevent the enemies from hatching heinous plots against Muslims.

Referring to awakening of Islamic ummah in Arab and African countries, he said the nations of the region are now vigilant and never let their rulers who are supported by the West to continue their polciies.

Iran has hosted a large number of Afghan refugees for 30 years, he said, adding that the two sides’ fate and interests are inter-linked.

Regional nations should maintain the security of the region and not those who live thousands of miles away.

The Iranian minister also conveyed the warm greetings of the Iranian president to Afghan nation and parliament.

The Afghan official, for his part, thanked the Islamic Republic of Iran for hosting Afghan refugees and said expansion of mutual cooperation leads to security and stability of the region and all regional through collective cooperation can resolve their problems.

“We are proud of sharing common language, culture and religion with the Iranian people ,” he said.

As Russia was forced to pull out is troops from Afghanistan, other aliens who have come to Afghnaistan will have the same destiny, he said.

Close cooperation between the two countries would serve to promote security and stability of the entire region, he said.

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