NAM determined to change world order: Ahmadinejad

Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has reaffirmed the determination of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) to transform the global management system based on the principles of justice and amity.

“All the members underlined the necessity for fundamental transformation in the global management and interactions. All the members emphasized public participation in the management [of the world] based on justice and amity as the foundation of sustainable peace,” said Ahmadinejad in his closing speech for the 16th Summit of the NAM in the Iranian capital city, Tehran, on Friday.

Furthermore, all the NAM states underscored the importance of avoiding violence and the need for logic and dialogue in tackling the international challenges, he added.

The member states also warned against the plots by the enemies of humanity who seek to sow discord among nations and governments in a bid to expand their dominance over the world, Ahmadinejad pointed out.

The Iranian president added, “All the members underlined the [need for the] promotion of the status of the movement and the preparation of the grounds for the establishment of the required structures for the mutual reinforcement of the members’ capabilities and joint involvement in the global interactions and equations.”

Ahmadinejad said the NAM members must join efforts to establish a temporary secretariat and organize the bloc’s systematic structure.

Expressing gratitude for the effective participation of the NAM members in the Tehran conference, the Iranian chief executive hailed the achievements of the 16th Summit as “unprecedented” and predicted a “bright, glorious and effective” prospect for the movement.

The 16th NAM Summit wrapped up in the Iranian capital on Friday, with the member states passing a final resolution, which included over 700 clauses.

The final communiqué expressed support for Iran’s nuclear energy program, rejected the United States’ unilateral sanctions against the Islamic Republic, and called for greater efforts to support the Palestinian cause.

The need to combat Islamophobia and racism throughout the world as well as global nuclear disarmament were some of the other key issues mentioned in the document.

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