Nano Mix, Super Concrete Lubricant with Unique Properties


Experts at Jazica Co., a research and technical service company in Iran, applied nanoparticle additives to super lubricants to produce a novel product called Nano Mix which demonstrates unique properties.

According to the Iranian Nanotechnology Initiative Council (INIC), the new compound diffuses through concrete structures and fills every small crack needless of any vibration process.

Today, lubricants and super lubricants are used in concrete reinforcement networks to reduce the viscosity of concrete. To better diffuse of concrete inside the network and to ensure complete release of trapped gases, a vibration process is necessary.

The product can be used in two different ways. Either it can be mixed with water and then added to concrete constituents or it just can be added to pre-mixed concrete. Its typical portion size is 0.3 to 0.8 percent of cement weight.

Nano Mix’s extraordinary advantages include: complete release of air entrapped in small or large bubbles, uniform aggregation of concrete in all of its cross sections, less cement consumption, compatibility with all types of Portland cements, more concrete tensile strength and preventing erosion of reinforcement bars.

Concrete tension tests of concretes containing this product proved an increase in strength compared to ordinary concretes.

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