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NATO convoy attacked in Afghanistan

NATO has confirmed an attack on its convoy in Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul, amid concerns of such recurrent raids on the US-led supply trucks.

The attack took place on Friday close to the parliament building in Kabul, AFP reported.

There are no immediate reports of the casualties.

The rise of civilian casualties from the presence of US-led forces has provoked anti-American sentiments in war-ravaged Afghanistan as well as other countries in the region.

This has led to the rise of attacks on NATO supply convoys in Afghanistan and neighboring Pakistan over the past weeks.

Despite an increase in the number of attacks on NATO convoys, a media report said that US President Barack Obama’s administration is moving away from a previous pledge to start withdrawing US troops from Afghanistan by July 2011.

The report also said that the Pentagon has also decided not to announce specific dates for handing the security responsibility of several Afghan provinces to local officials.

Security situation has deteriorated in Afghanistan since the deployment of NATO troops in Afghanistan and the US-led invasion of the country.

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