New Batch of Syrian Refugees Return Homeland

A new batch of Syrian refugees return home from Lebanon on Monday, National news agency reported.

The agency said that refugees who have been residing in different areas across Lebanon were gathering in four main pick up points.

Approximately 110 refugees were departing from the Southern coastal city of Tyre.

Another group gathered at Beirut’s Sports City. According to the General Security records, 219 refugees will be transported in 6 busses, most of which will be heading to Aleppo.

In addition, a group of almost 50 refugees, most of which are women and children, gathered in Nabatieh to be transported in two big busses to Syrian territories.

Another group has been gathering in Burj Hammoud since 6:00 am on Monday. Busses were scheduled to pick them up for their journey to Syria at 10: am.

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