New crisis sweeps Netanyahu’s coalition


A new crisis is sweeping Israel’s Prime Minister; Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition government as several members in his ruling Likud party have called to break the partnership with the Yesh Atid party headed by Finance Minister, Yair Lapid, which could topple the government.

The chairman of the government’s Knesset coalition, MK Yariv Levin of Netanyahu’s Likud Party said during an interview with Israel’s Channel 10 Saturday: “We should consider changing the coalition’s composition in order to be able to perform its duties”.

Levin added: “We must weigh the possibility of a change in the coalition composition through the addition of the Haredim parties. It might be that there’s no choice but to leave Lapid out”.

Levin who criticized Lapid’s positions during the war on Gaza and afterwards said: “This coalition cannot carry its duties and if Lapid continues such not serious, irresponsible and even childish behaviour, then we certainly must consider the possibility of a change in the composition of the coalition”.

Commenting on Yesh Atid’s threats to withdraw from the government, Levin said: “The Likud is not afraid of Yesh Atid’s threats to withdraw from the government”.

Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu is also facing a crisis within his own Likud party and was forced during the war on Gaza to sack deputy Defence Minister, Danny Danon following his criticism of Netanyahu’s policy during the war on Gaza.

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