Newspaper: Al-Nusra ready for US strike


Syria media sources said that “al-Nusra Front” is still betting on an American aggression against Syria, and is also “mobilizing armed organizations in Aleppo for starting a decisive battle as the aggression occurs.”

Al-Watan, a Syrian newspaper, quoted some informed sources that “al-Nusra, as for military movements, has become the boss that gives orders.”

The source continued that “al-Nusra” is mobilizing armed factions, and that “it also has full control over the conflict because Turkey and Saudi Arabia are depending heavily on it, especially that other militias had failed in changing the balance on the ground.”

The US threat over an aggression has diminished after an agreement between Lavrov and John Kerry; therefore, other media reports said that Moscow informed Damascus that the possibility of an aggression “shrank to nothing.”

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