No issue in West Asia can be solved without Iran’s participation: Iran Chief of Staff

Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Bagheri stressed that no issue in West Asia can be solved without Iran’s participation.

On the eve of 30th anniversary of the demise of the late founder of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Khomeini, General Bagheri emphasized, “We will never hesitate in preserving Iran’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and national security”.

In a Sunday message, he noted achievements of the Islamic Revolution during the past 40 years, saying, “The Islamic movement has affected the entire world and on top of that, it has succeeded in intimidating the American hegemony and Zionism”

“At the advent of the fifth decade of Revolution, it should be noted that the expansion of the strategic depth of Iran has brought about new and undisputed conditions that today, no issue in West Asia can be solved without Iran’s participation,” General Bagheri stated.

“To confront the strong Iran, the enemy now needs to form a grand coalition of dozens of countries and even if realized, it won’t bear any result other than failure and humiliation for enemies.”

The official said, “The Iranian nation will not retreat in the slightest from its position on the country’s defensive capabilities and will turn enemy’s threats to golden opportunities to develop core achievements of the Revolution, especially in the defensive and missile sectors”.

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