No legal grounds for Saudi invasion of Yemen: Analyst


Press TV has conducted an interview with Danny Makki, a Middle East expert in London, to discuss the Saudi invasion of Yemen.

The political commentator says there are no legal grounds for the Saudi war as Saudi Arabia has attacked a sovereign nation without a mandate by the United Nations.

Makki says the Saudi monarchy has launched the war against Yemen at a time when the Yemeni Ansarullah movement has been flushing al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups out of the country.

Saudi Arabia’s claims to defend democratic forces in Yemen are null and invalid, Makki says, because Riyadh has never been a defender or promoter of democracy in the region.

He strongly criticizes the [Persian] Gulf Cooperation Council ([P]GCC) and the Arab League for creating a joint military force to be used for possible military intervention in other Arab countries.

The analyst demands that Saudi Arabia stop funding the Takfiri ISIL terrorists and al-Qaeda-linked groups, which are causing chaos across the Mideast region.

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