No reformist party has boycotted Iran’s presidential election

926501_thumThe secretary general of the reformist leaning Mardomsalari Front (Democracy Front) has said that so far no reformist party has boycotted the next presidential election.
In an interview with the Persian service of the Mehr News Agency published on Monday, Mostafa Kavakebian said, “So far, as reformists are concerned, I have not heard from any reformist party that it has chosen the option of boycotting (the election). I have heard them saying, ‘we will not participate,’ but they have not said, ‘we will boycott it.’”

“However, I believe there is no logical reason for a decision by a party within the system to not participate in the election,” he said, adding that participation in the election will be in interests of the reformists.

Iran’s 11th presidential election will be held on June 14.

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