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North Korea needs formidable military to deter US aggression: Expert


North Korea has rightfully built up a formidable military and acquired a nuclear weapons capability which are needed to deter American aggression, says Scott Rickard, a former American intelligence linguist and political analyst based in Orlando, the United States.  

Rickard made the remarks in an interview with Press TV while commenting on a top American nuclear expert’s recent warning that any military strike against Pyongyang could trigger a prolonged bloody ground war.

According to Peter Kuznick, the director of Nuclear Studies Institute at American University, President Donald Trump has been “bluffing” about America’s military capabilities in taking down North Korea.

Last week, Kuznick warned that a war with North Korea would be “far from  a cake walk or a march to victory” for the United States.

“The reality of using the military capabilities is not as great as Trump would like it to be,” Kuznick said in an interview with RT. “If there was a military solution, Trump would have acted on it long ago.”

‘Nuclear program necessary for DPRK’s defense’

Rickard told Press TV that he agrees that “Trump has basically boasted and bragged about a military action in North Korea where in fact it would be extremely detrimental not only to the Korean people but also drag the Americans into a conflict that will be very drawn out with a lot of casualties.”

“The North Korean military is heavily armed and also very prepared, and rightfully so. The military and the nuclear arms programs of North Korea are very justifiable given the historical nature of the American aggression and American military operations not only on the Korean peninsula but unfortunately in many other places around the world,” the analyst said.

“This type of military and nuclear program is necessary for their defense. And I can see that it’s defensive mechanism obviously given the fact that they have not used the weapon. They are testing the weapons only, and they are using these weapons only as a means to actually create a better relationship with South Korea,” he added.

“There have been recent developments whereby unification talks have become more common.”

‘US foreign and military policy very destructive’

Rickard said that “the unification between North and South Korea done unilaterally outside of the United States’ influence would be probably the best for the Korean people, and certainly Russia and China could help facilitate that far better than the United States.”

“The United States has once again and always proven itself being incredibly aggressive and incredibly destructive in its foreign policy and military policy,” he stated.

“And it is something that we don’t see change unfortunately until we gotten our military-industrial complex and our political infrastructure under control. Sadly the United States military and the United States government are working on behalf of some of the imperialist nations that have controlled the United States’ commerce, finance and unfortunately politics for well over 100 years,” he noted.

“And once the American people realize this, hopefully they will rise up and have a constructive coup against the oligarchs that have controlled the nation for over a century,” the expert concluded.

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