Norway reopens its embassy in Tehran

Norway reopened its embassy here on Thursday after Norwegian authorities deemed the situation in Tehran as safe by making thorough assessment of the status quo in the Iranian capital.

‘The government of Norway has asked the Iranian authorities to guarantee the safety of the Norwegian diplomats in Tehran,” Norway’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hilde Steinfeld said on Thursday.

Norway on Wednesday temporarily closed its embassy in Tehran for security concerns after a group of Iranian university students staged a protest rally outside the British Embassy in Tehran on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Iran’s Foreign Ministry stressed the that it respects international law and the immunity of diplomatic sites and missions, while emphasizing the Iranian government’s commitment to protecting international diplomatic missions to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The student rally in front of the British Embassy in Tehran was held following the approval of a bill aimed at downgrading ties with the UK by Iranian Majlis (parliament), and in protest at Britain’s hostile attitude towards the Islamic Republic of Iran.

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