Nusra, ISIS clash in southern Yamrouk as Palestinian committees prepare to attack



Al-Nusra and ISIS are currently immersed in a bloody civil war to take control of the Yarmouk Camp after a failed truce between the terrorist groups resulted in an increase in violence near the southern sector of the district.

On Friday, ISIS launched another assault to take control of the Palestine Roundabout that separates the Yarmouk Camp and the neighboring Tadamon District in southern Damascus. ISIS was unsuccessful in their bid to capture this imperative roundabout; however, they were able to seize several buildings and street blocks from Jabhat Al-Nusra during their assault on Friday afternoon.

While the Jihadist forces squabble over who started this war, the Palestinian committees – led by the Palestine Liberation Army (PLA), Fatah Al-Intifada, and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP-GC) – prepare for a large-scale assault to retake the district from the terrorist groups inside.

So far, the Palestinian committees have done a good job establishing their presence inside the district, but they are waiting for the terrorist civil war to conclude before attacking. In the past, ISIS and Nusra have joined forces to fight the Palestinian committees in the Yarmouk Camp, so the latter will let the terrorists kill one another in order to weaken their resolve.

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