Occupation renews Abdul Salam Abu Hija’s administrative detention

The occupation authorities renewed the administrative detention of captive Abdul Salam Jamal Abu Hija, 28, for the third time respectively.

The family of Abu Haija told the PIC reporter that “the Supreme Court in Jerusalem extended the arrest of its son Abdul Salam another 6 months, after he had been expected to be released on 13 November.”

Abdul Salam was detained on 13 December 2011 and was transferred for 6 months to the administrative detention, which was then renewed for another 5 months.

Abdul Salam had previously served seven and a half years in the Israeli occupation prisons, and had also been arrested three times by PA security to serve 8 months in its jails

His father and Hamas leader, Sheikh Jamal Abu Hija, has been incarcerated in solitary confinement since seven years, and was sentenced to nine life-terms in prison.

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