October 6: Beginning of Iran Nano 2014 Exhibition


The Seventh International Nanotechnology Festival (Iran Nano 2014) is due to be held at the Persian Gulf Hall of the Tehran Permanent Fairground on 6-9 October 2014.
Iran Nano 2014 consists of various sections, including advanced devices in the field of nanotechnology, health and hygiene, agriculture, building, water and environment, nanotechnology raw materials and polymer and composite.

Dr. Sa’eed Sarkar, the Secretary of Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council, explained about the programs of Iran Nano 2014, and said, “One of the interesting parts of this year’s exhibition is prototype section that is one of the most important parts of the exhibition in its second year of activity. In this section, 22 final projects have been chosen among 240 evaluated samples, and they are put on display in the exhibition to attract investors.”

According to Dr. Sarkar, two projects among the 12 prototypes presented in last year’s exhibition have succeeded in attracting investors, and they have been successfully presented to the market.

The Secretary of Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council elaborated on the objectives and importance of the prototype section, and said, “Many laboratorial samples cannot go further due to the lack of the presence of required infrastructures. Creating relations between technologists to industrial institutes and investors is the aim of the production of prototypes from laboratorial samples and their presentation in the exhibition.”

According to the Secretary of Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council, the council will invest up to $100,000 on any project that has the potential to be presented to the market, just similar to the last year.

The Secretary of Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council explained about other sections in the Seventh International Nanotechnology Festival, and stated, “Similar to previous festival, this festival includes sections such as School Students and University Students, Universities, Societies, and Nanotechnology Journals. The festival also presents the achievements of school and university students.”

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