Official: Hamas Keen to Broaden Ties with Iran


Politburo member of the Palestinian Hamas Movement Khalil al-Haya underlined that the resistance movement is resolved to reinvigorate relations with Tehran.
“We (Hamas) are willing to expand our relations with Iran,” al-Haya said on Thursday.

He pointed to the recent visit of a Hamas delegation to Tehran, and said, “The main goal of the recent visit of the Hamas delegation to Tehran was consolidation of ties.”

Earlier this week, Politburo Chief of the Palestinian Resistance Movement Hamas Khaled Mashaal underlined that Hamas is determined to broaden relations with Tehran.

“The recent visit of a Hamas delegation to Iran was in line with strengthening ties,” the Palestinian Al-Rasaleh news website quoted Mashaal as saying.

A Hamas delegation visited Iran last week and met with senior Iranian officials over widening cooperation.

Mashaal pointed to the Iran-Hamas relations, and said, “We have never cut our relations with Iran; we have historic ties and Iran has supported Hamas for many years.”

The Hamas politburo chief noted that he would pay a visit to Iran soon.

In similar remarks last week, senior Hamas official Mahmoud al-Zahar also underlined that the Palestinian resistance movement is willing to further strengthen its bilateral ties with Iran.

“Hamas seeks to strengthen relations with Iran without any conditions,” Zahar said.

He pointed to the Hamas delegation visit to Iran, and said, “Hamas delegation visit to Iran was positive.”

Zahar reiterated that strengthening of mutual cooperation should be in the direction of helping the resistance program.

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