Oppressed Bahraini nation surrounded by six armies

n00151323-bOn the sideline of 27th International Islamic Unity Conference in Tehran, Deputy of Islamic Action Society from Bahrain in an exclusive interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) related on the issues of the Persian Gulf State.

Sheikh Abdullah Salih, Bahraini scholar, hailed the positive achievements of Bahraini nation during the past three years since the beginning of uprisings in the country and said,” The greatest of these achievements is that neither Al Kalifa forces, nor armies from Saudi Arabia, Emirates and Qatar could beat the revolution by the nation and this is a great success since we do not have any weapons in front of fully armed troops.”

The cleric highlighted disappointment of Bahraini government as the second achievement for the nation and said,” We are proud that more than tens of rallies have been held daily and Bahraini nation is still alive contrary to the heavy crackdown, constant detentions and seizures.”

Sheikh Abdullah Salih stressed that the final victory belongs to the people because people are determined to achieve their demands and noted,” Bahrain government is impossible to survive and if it is still in power it is due to the aids from foreign countries including political aids from the US, UK, other western countries and also Arab states.”

Deputy of Islamic Action Society in Bahrain said,” We all know that Human Rights organizations have launched to protect the rights of the people while they do not have the power to do so and they are influenced by colonial powers; hence, they do not take a neutral stance showing more support for a certain side or absolutely ignore the rights of one country.”

When asked on the meeting between some leaders of revolutions with Bahrain rulers, he said,” These meetings are all in vain because first, the government has no option but a security option and second, Bahrain government cannot put an end to the crisis in the country without permission from Saudi Arabia because the great Arab kingdom is sure that solving the issue in Bahrain will in fact transmit the crisis to his own country.”

Bahrain government is buying time because we are approaching February 14th, the anniversary of Bahrain revolution with people preparing for the occasion, and second is due to Formula One Grand Prix since the government intends to distract the people from their demands with vain promises.

Therefore the government is pursuing a temporary so-called peace and then return to its previous stances.

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