Over 20 Nusra Terrorists Killed in Failed Attack on Syrian Army Positions in Northern Aleppo



Syrian Army soldiers warded off an offensive of Fatah al-Sham Front (previously known as the al-Nusra Front) on their positions in the Northern countryside of Aleppo city, killing at least 20 terrorists and wounding several more.

Fatah al-Sham launched a large-scale assault on government forces’ positions in the Western sector of al-Malaah Farms, but the army soldiers repelled their attack and killed at least 20 of them while several more terrorists were wounded and their military vehicles also were destroyed.

Field sources say terrorist groups have used the ceasefire as an opportunity to regroup and reinvigorate their forces in Haraytan region, adding that other terrorists also fled towards Haraytan when they found themselves in difficult conditions in their region.

The sources went on to say that the Syrian fighter jets struck terrorists’ centers in the towns of Haraytan town and Zahrat Abd Rabeh, destroying several bases of militants.

The army troops targeted ISIL’s concentration centers and gatherings in Eastern Aleppo, including in areas near the Kuweires airbase on Monday, killing and wounding tens of militants and destroying their equipment on a large scale.

The army units hit hard ISIL’s positions in the region of Rasm al-Harmal al-Imam, Tal (hill) Ahmar and near the Air Force Academy to the South of Kuweires airbase, killing or wounding tens of militants and destroying five vehicles.

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