Over 39 ISIL Terrorists Killed by Iraqi Army in Salahuddin Province

The Iraqi Army announced that a large number of ISIL terrorists, including a notorious commander, have been killed in a series of military operations in Salahuddin province’s mountainous regions.

It noted that at least 39 terrorists were killed in a special military operations in Salahuddin heights and their hideouts were destroyed and their large arms depot was also razed down.

In a relevant development in late September, nearly a dozen notorious ISIL terrorist commanders were killed in military operations by the Iraqi forces in a raid on their meeting in Salahuddin province, the Arabic-language media outlets said.

The Arabic-language Sumeria News Website quoted an Iraqi source Qatari al-Abidi as saying that the security forces of al-Jazeera operations, backed by Iraq’s Hashd al-Sha’abi (Iraq’ Popular Mobilization Forces) and the Syrian Air Force in a preemptive move attacked a command center of the ISIL in al-Matajat region in Salahuddin province where the terrorist commanders had convened.

Al-Abidi said that all 11 ISIL commanders attending the meeting, including ISIL’s governor in Salahuddin province were killed.

The command headquarters of al-Jazeera military operations backed by al-Hashd forces and the Syrian Air Force have kicked off the mop-up operations to cleanse the ISIL remnants in the Northern parts of Raveh town in al-Anbar province to the South of Salahuddin province.

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