Palestine asks Zionist Puppet Egypt Govern. to reopen Rafah


Palestine has asked the Egyptian government to reopen the Rafah border crossing closed by Cairo following deadly attacks in the Sinai Peninsula.

According to Press TV, the Palestinian Ambassador to Egypt, Jamal al-Shobaki, asked Cairo on Tuesday to reopen the border crossing between Egypt and the Gaza Strip

Last month, Egyptian authorities sealed the crossing — Gaza’s only land terminal that bypasses Occupied Territories — after the October 24 attacks targeting Egyptian military personnel killed 33 Egyptian soldiers.

The Palestinian envoy said he had asked the Egyptian foreign minister to reopen the crossing for special cases, such as enabling the return of the Palestinians, who had received treatment abroad for injuries sustained in Zionist regime’s summer war on Gaza. The war martyred about 2,140 Palestinians and left more than 11,000 others injured.

Shobaki said Egypt promised to reopen the crossing after the army finished the operation against the militants behind the attack.

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