Palestine festival 2021 calls for end to Israeli occupation

The sights and smells of back home from Palestinian traditional clothes to signature Palestinian dishes. And of course, Palestinian music and dancing! Roughly 6 million Palestinians live in exile after 73 years of illegal Israeli occupation which denies them the right to return.

Events like this bring together Palestinians from all walks of life. But the target is the younger generation.

It can never be just about art and culture. The Festival, like the ones before, was also unapologetically political. The organizers called once again on the international community to end the occupation of Palestine. Former leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn was there to offer his support as well.

We asked Mr. Corbyn about the new Borders and Nationality Bill which is being described as the most racist legislation in decades, and could harm those seeking asylum in the UK.

The former Labour leader, who represents a growing number of British citizens and politicians that support the Palestinian cause, has been a figurehead of the resistance for decades, bringing hope to young Palestinians who dream of returning to their homeland.

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