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Palestinian Archbishop: Hezbollah had a role in defending Syria’s Christians

The Archbishop of Sebastia Hanna ‘Atallah responded to the recent criticism of Hezbollah by Lebanese Bishop Elias ‘Aude on Monday, saying that the Lebanese group played a role in defending Syria’s Christians.

“They had a role in defending Syria’s Christians,” Archbishop ‘Atallah said, adding that he refuses to criticize them.

“If there are reservations, the church’s platform is not the appropriate place to express this standing,” he continued.

He would add that Bishop ‘Aude’s comments do represent Christians or Orthodox.

During a church sermon in Beirut on the 14th anniversary of Gebran Tueni’s assassination, Bishop ‘Aude told the congregation that “this country is being ruled today by one person we all know and by a group that is ruling us by arms.”

The ‘person’ the bishop was referencing is Hezbollah’s Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah.

Since making these comments, the Lebanese bishop has faced both support and condemnation from political parties in both the March 8th and March 14th blocs.

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