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Palestinian group captured zionist military drone flying over Gaza

The Palestinian resistance group, Hamas, says it has captured an Israeli military drone flying over the Gaza Strip.

According to Palestinian media, the drone was “shot down” by Hamas forces east of the city of Dir al-Balah.
The Israeli military claims the unmanned aerial vehicle captured by Hamas is a “Skylark” that has “crashed” during an “operation” over the Gaza Strip.

It further claimed that the UAV crashed due to “technical error”, but it ruled out the possibility that potentially sensitive information would be leaked from the drone.

Along with the drone seizure, a high level of Israeli military vehicle traffic was also reported along the Gaza border.

The Israeli regime regularly uses drones for reconnaissance and assassination operations, involving violation of Palestinian, Syrian and Lebanese airspace.

Hamas has confiscated Israeli drones several times, either after they crashed due to technical problems or in the wake of shooting them down.

 The resistance group has warned the Tel Aviv regime against escalating tensions, warning that it would face the consequences.

The Israeli military frequently bombs Gaza, with civilians being the main target of such attacks.

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