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Resistance Announces Launch of ‘Operation Al-Quds Sword’

Joint Chamber of Military Operations for Palestinian Factions announced the launch of “Operation Al-Quds Sword” to stand by their people in the holy city.

In a statement released early on Tuesday, the joint chamber said as part of the operation, the Palestinian Resistance factions managed to strike occupied Al-Quds, target a military vehicle north of Gaza strip and to hit Tel Aviv as well as settlements near Gaza.

“We previously warned the enemy against going ahead with its aggression against our holy sites and our people. The enemy, however, went continued its brutality, so it’s time now to pay the price,” the statement said.

“We have accumulated our military experience in a bid to defend our people whom we will never abandon. Our weapon is the weapon of all our people.”

“Time when coward the enemy can attack Al-Aqsa and Al-Quds without being held accountable is over,” the joint chamber stressed.

Addressing Palestinian people, the joint chamber said: “We assure our people in general, and locals of Al-Quds in particular, that we will not walk out on you. The Resistance which you have relied on, will remain your shield and your sword.”

Source: Al-Manar English Website

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