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Palestinian Resistance Fighters Once Again Repel Zionist Regime Raid near Jenin

Zionist occupation forces failed to arrest Resistance operatives as fighters heroically repelled Israeli raid in Al-Yamoun west of Jenin.

Palestinian sources reported that an Israeli occupation force comprising tanks and other military vehicles stormed the town at dawn on Wednesday and laid siege on Al-Jaabari family house in a bid to arrest Omar Al-Jaabari, wanted operative by Israeli occupation.

Palestinians in the town confronted with occupation forces, preventing them from advancing in the town.

Sources reported that Palestinians threw fireworks and Molotov cocktails at occupation forces who fired tear gas at town residents.

Meanwhile, Israeli occupation forces raided Jenin refugee camp and arrested Abdulrahman Al-Saadi, former prisoner and wanted for ties with Islamic Jihad Resistance movement, the sources added.

Recently, occupation forces have been stepping up arrest campaigns and repressive measures against Palestinians across the West Bank and Al-Quds. Jenin town with its refugee camp and the surrounding towns came under repeated Israeli attacks and raids, with Palestinian Resistance fighters confronting the raids.

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